Rules for wearing jewelery and maintenance.

  • Chemicals

    Jewelry should not come in contact with water or harsh chemicals.

  • Recommendation

    Put your jewelry on when you have had a bath and have put on the clothes because the materials they are made of can be damaged due the chemical reactions of perfume, body creams or other maintenance products. REMEMBER, do not spray perfume on jewelry!

  • Do not expose jewelry to ...

    Do not expose jewelry to sun for long periods, should be avoided also high temperatures and high humidity conditions.

  • Do not wear ...

    Do not wear the products during sleep, or when you exercise.

  • Jewellery storage

    Store your jewelry properly, preferably in closed boxes in dry places.

  • Defects

    Imperfections clay beads (hand shaped), synthetic (natural look), plastic, glass or ceramics, oxidation of metals such as silver or base metals can not be considered defects.